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We founded Copper Spaces for people just like us. For curious, hard working and sociable entrepreneurs with big dreams. For people who want to focus on creating great, innovative products and businesses without worrying about rent, electricity or running out of coffee. We founded Copper Spaces for people just like you.

Our newly renovated Coworking & Flex Space offers everything you need to get started: meeting rooms, comfortable workstations, networking opportunities and snacks. Schedule your tour today.

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Founded in 2022, Copper Spaces exists to offer guests outstanding service with their various space & venue needs. 

our mission: outstanding service one space at a time

our values: communication, transparency, inclusion



Hospitality first & foremost.  Our roots are in caring for people - weddings, parties, corporate events, coffee and comfort food. We know how to host and foster a good time. We refuse to leave that heart behind - it's who we are.

Coworking & Flex Space.  We offer well-appointed spaces for whatever your need. Wanting a desk for you or for each of your employees? Looking for an office space? Need a warm setting to hold a therapy session? Desiring a board room to meet with the execs? Planning to host yoga for 20 people? Rehearsal dinner for 25? Or maybe you want to host a training for 30 customers? We've got your space.

What is coworking, you ask?  Imagine an office space that doesn't quite feel like an office, yet has all the things you need to create and propel your business forward. Internet, desk, printer, kitchen, parking, security, meeting spaces, projectors, office supplies, coffee... you get the idea. We worry about those things so you don't have to, all with no long-term commitment on your behalf.

Gather quality people, focused on creativity, ingenuity and productivity - and sharing of knowledge, expertise and experience is bound to happen. We create the space that supports collaboration and community.


in the heart of historic downtown - Nevada, IA

Find us at 1024 6th Street, Suite 201, Nevada, IA. We're located on the second floor of a beautiful building constructed in 1880 - renovated in 2022. We've merged exposed brick and original tin ceilings with modern fixtures and design. High quality materials and detailed accents invite you to enjoy your time in our facility. Schedule a tour today - you won't regret it.

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